Research Teams and Organizational Chart

MagTop Organizational Structure

MagTop funds six research teams (as seen in the organizational diagram above):


The team, headed by

Tomasz Dietl

performs theoretical studies,
including data analysis
and interpretation

The team, headed by

Tomasz Wojtowicz

carries on MBE growth
and processing of emerging materials
and low-dimensional

Another vertical team will be responsible for characterization (e.g., synchrotron, optical, magnetic, and charge transport).

Horizontal teams, with strong involvement of vertical teams, will search for new phenomena, materials systems, and devices; in the diagram above these teams are named Dirac, Majorana, and Weyl, though actual research directions will be set by their leaders.

Each team will (tipically) consist of a leader, one postdoc and 2-3 PhD students, all financed by MagTop that also provides substantial operation funds. Additional groups, researches, equipment, and a support for running costs can be funded by national or international research projects acquired by team leaders and postdocs.

Four new group leaders will be recruited via open international calls conducted by the International Scientific Committee. Internationally competitive salaries in line with expertise and research potential will be offered. The team leaders will appoint postdocs and PhD students via open international calls supervised by MagTop Management (see, Researchers Employment and Open Positions).