Growth facilities:

  • 3 MBE growth chambers with long and very successful history of nanostructures growth
  • Newly installed dual growth chamber GENXplor MBE system from VEECO
  • Standard and high pressure Bridgman, as well as vapor transport techniques for single crytals growth of Bi, Sb, Pb, Sn, Zn, Cd chalcogenides and Cd, Zn arsenides, all doped with transition metals

Equipment for nanostructurization of topological materials and for making devices:

  • Electron beam lithography (EBL), focused ion beam (FIB) lithography,  and photolithography
  • ZEISS Auriga – CrossBeam Workstation
  • Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP) Source (Chlorine) and ICP-RIE with deposition PECVD (Fluorine)
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) – Remote plasma & thermal ALD FlexAL Oxford
  • UHV Sputtering System with electron gun sources

Equipment for characterisation and advanced studies of topological materials and devices:

  • Dry Dilution Refrigerator Triton 400 Oxford Instruments (temperature range: without magnet: 10 mK – 300 K, with magnet: 10 mK- 30 K
  • 100 microW Oxford dilution refrigerator with measuring apparatus for charge transport, magnetic (SQUID and mutual inductance), and optical properties (fiber glass) down to 25 mK, up to 9 T and under hydrostatic pressure of 6 kbar
  • Cathodoluminescence and Electron Bean Inndued current (EIBC) down to 5 K
  • Set up for quantum transport characterization
  • Set up for Optical characterization
  • SQUID magnetometers Two SQUID magnetometers Quantum Design MPMS XL, 1.9 – 400 K (800 K with added apparatus), up to 5 T in AC, DC, RSO modes.
  • Scanning electron microscope ZEISS Auriga – CrossBeam Workstation (Ion imaging resolution of 2.5 nm at 30 kV, electron imaging resolution 1 nm at 15 kV ).