ON6.1 - Group of Theory of Topological Matter

Tomasz Dietl

Head of Division ON-6
Head of Group of Theory of Topological Matter
President of MagTop Foundation

ResearcherID: C-9537-2013

Marcin Wysokiński

ResearcherID: T-5258-2017

Andrzej Wiśniewski

Expert in Magnetism and Superconductivity

ResearcherID: A-1781-2017

Carmine Autieri

Expert in ab-initio

ResearcherID: N-5259-2017

Przemysław Iwanowski

ResearcherID: P-6794-2015

Grzegorz Mazur

ResearcherID: F-9395-2015

ON6.2 - Molecular Beam Epitaxy Group

Tomasz Wojtowicz

Head of Group of Theory of Topological Matter

ResearcherID: A-2887-2017

Aleksandr Kazakov

ResearcherID: T-5557-2017

Valentine Volobuev

Expert in MBE Growth

ResearcherID: W-4056-2017

Wojciech Zaleszczyk

ResearcherID: L-1102-2016

Jakub Polaczyński

Bartłomiej Turowski

ON6.5 - Group of Physics of Majoranas

Dr. Timo Hyart

Head of Majorana Team

ResearcherID: D-7718-2013

Wojciech Brzezicki

ResearcherID: G-2791-2017