Groups (Teams)

ON6.1 - Group of Theory of Topological Matter

Tomasz Dietl

Head of MagTop (Division ON-6 at IF PAN)
Head of Group of Theory of Topological Matter

ResearcherID: C-9537-2013

Andrzej Wiśniewski

Expert in Magnetism and Superconductivity
ResearcherID: A-1781-2017

Carmine Autieri

Expert in ab-initio
ResearcherID: N-5259-2017

Krzysztof Dybko

Expert in low-temperature magnetotransport
ResearcherID: K-9400-2016

Przemysław Iwanowski

ResearcherID: P-6794-2015

Jędrzej Korczak

ResearcherID: G-3643-2018

Michał Grzybowski

ResearcherID: S-2468-2016

Ashutosh Wadge

ResearcherID: T-5223-2017

Rajibul Islam

ResearcherID: Y-4449-2018

ON6.2 - Molecular Beam Epitaxy Group

Tomasz Wojtowicz

Deputy Head of MagTop (Division ON-6 at IF PAN)
Head of Molecular Beam Epitaxy Group

ResearcherID: A-2887-2017

Tomasz Wojciechowski

Expert in Fabrication of Nanostructures
ResearcherID: K-9441-2016

Aleksandr Kazakov

ResearcherID: T-5557-2017

Valentine Volobuev

Expert in MBE Growth
ResearcherID: W-4056-2017

Wojciech Zaleszczyk

ResearcherID: L-1102-2016

Rafał Rudniewski

ResearcherID: S-8550-2016

Jakub Polaczyński

ResearcherID: G-3626-2018

Bartłomiej Turowski

ResearcherID: O-6399-2018

ON6.3 - Group of Characterization and Processing

Vinayak Bhat

Head of Group of Characterization and Processing

ResearcherID: P-1819-2019

Bhanu Prakash Joshi

ResearcherID: T-7731-2019

Pradosh Kumar Sahoo

ON6.4 - Dirac Group

Mircea Trif

Head of Dirac Group

ResearcherID: G-3094-2019

Tomasz Story

Expert in IV-VI topological materials
ResearcherID: H-2963-2018

Archana Mishra

ResearcherID: V-4561-2019

ON6.5 - Group of Physics of Majoranas

Timo Hyart

Head of Group of Physics of Majoranas

ResearcherID: D-7718-2013

Wojciech Brzezicki

ResearcherID: G-2791-2017

Grzegorz Mazur

ResearcherID: F-9395-2015

Marcin Płodzień

ResearcherID: K-7326-2017

Victor Fernandez Becerra

ResearcherID: P-4601-2019

Aleksei Shorokhov

Expert in non-equilibrium topological phenomena
ResearcherID: B-6834-2009

Tania Paul

ResearcherID: V-5805-2019