Collaborations with entrepreneurs

Agreements on collaboration were signed with four companies:

  • VIGO System S.A. a world-leading manufacturer of uncooled infrared photon detectors, VIGO detectors were on board of the Mars Curiosity rover.
  • PUREMAT Technologies, a world-leading company which sells ultrapure materials, Mn and Mg, for MBE and other semiconductor growth technologies.
  • KRIOSYSTEM, one of the world’s leading companies producing technologically advanced cryogenic equipment and installations, used, inter alia, in CERN.
  • MeasLine S.A., one of the world-renowned companies in Poland that designs and manufactures advanced, unique research and measurement systems as well as high and ultrahigh vacuum components and equipment; the company specializes in the design and manufacture of systems and apparatus for non-standard applications;


Collaboration with VIGO concerns mainly studies of optoelectronic properties of topological materials grown by MBE at MagTop. In particular, possibility of application of these materials in infrared detection will be investigated.

Collaboration with PUREMAT concerns studies of innovative structures grown by MBE technology, containing Mn or Mg ions, and exhibiting topological properties. The studies are expected to indicate new directions of investigation of topological materials, as well as, to indicate new fields of applications of ultrapure Mn and Mg.

Collaboration with KRIOSYSTEM concerns the development of new product lines enabling measurements as a function of temperature, field, axial pressure, position, temperature gradient and other parameters defining the condition of the material, as well as, implementation of the latest material research results into the production of more energy-efficient cryostats, transmission lines and cryogenic modules.

Collaboration with MeasLine concerns improvement of the ultra-high vacuum apparatus and apparatus for various methods of characterization and testing the physical properties of materials and their nanostructures showing the properties of topological matter and properties useful in the field of spintronics.

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