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Research projects

Dr. Mircea Trif- Harnessing the environment for topological quantum computing as part of the,OPUS 21

Dr. Marcin Płodzień- Quantum Simulators of open systems and non-equilibirum topological matter as a part NAWA

Dr. hab Wojciech Brzezicki – Limitations for Protected Transport and Exotic Topological States in Topological Semiconductors as part of Sonata Bis 9 competition.

Dr. Vinayak Bhat – Study of the effect of the nanostructured periodic and quasicrystal nanomagnet lattices on magnon-photon coupling as part of the SONATA BIS 10 competition .

Dr. Alexander Lau – Magnetism, Berry-curvature engineering and topology in chalcogenide superlattices and heterostructures as part of the competition „Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships”  funded by the European Commission.

Dr. Mircea Trif – Theory of quantum twists and its supercurrents as a part of the competition „Generation Partnerships – Thematische Netzwerke“, sponsored by the University of Hamburg.

MSc. Rajibul Islam – Topological phases in II‐VI semiconductor compounds: heterostructures and magnetically doped systems as part of the PRELUDIUM 19 competition.

Equipment projects

Foundation for Polish Science (FNP): Competition for Funding the Purchase of a Specialist

Equipment under the IRA Programme

  • MBE Group (Tomasz  Wojtowicz – 2019)  – 4 351 250 PLN
  • Characterization Group (Vinayak Bhat -2019) – 3 850 000 PLN 

Computer time


Grants on the supercomputer TOPOLA (ICM, Warsaw)

  • Identifier: g91-1418, Applicant: Giuseppe Cuono
  • Identifier: g91-1426, Applicant: Giuseppe Cuono Grant on the supercomputer OKEANOS (ICM, Warsaw).
  • Identifier: g91-1419, Applicant: Giuseppe Cuono Grant on the supercomputer Eagle (Poznań Supercomputing and Networking  Center)
  • Identifier: No. 609, Applicant: Giuseppe Cuono


Grant on the supercomputer GALILEO (CINECA, Italy)

  • Identifier:  IsC93 „RATIO”, Applicant: Carmine Autieri
  • Identifier:  IsC99 „SILENTS”, Applicant: Carmine Autieri
  • Identifier: IsC105 „SILENTSG”, Applicant: Carmine Autieri
  •  Identifier:  IsB26 „SHINY”, Applicant: Carmine Autieri


Facility: Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at University of Warsaw (ICM)

Grants on the supercomputer TOPOLA.

  1.  Identifier: g87-1132, Applicant: Carmine Autieri
  2.  Identifier: g87-1133, Applicant: Carmine Autieri

Grant on the supercomputer OKEANOS.

  1.  Identifier: g87-1121, Applicant: Giuseppe Cuono
  2.  Identifier: g87-1117, Applicant: Rajibul Islam
  3. Identifier: g87-1131, Applicant: Carmine Autieri


  • 3 grants on the supercomputer TOPOLA [C. Autieri]
  • 2 grants on the supercomputer OKEANOS [R. Islam, G. Hussain]
  • 1 grant on the supercomputer TOPOLA [T. Paul]


Facility: High-performance computing – CINECA (Italy)

  • 1 grant on supercomputer MARCONI [C. Autieri]
  • 2 grants on supercomputer GALILEO [C. Autieri]


Grants on the supercomputer TOPOLA

  • Identifier: G78-13, Applicant- Victor Fernández Becerra
  • Identifier: G75-10, Applicant- Carmine Autieri

 Time at large facilities:


Facility: European Magnetic Field Laboratory (Grenoble)

  1. Magnetotransport in α-Sn epilayers at the ultra-quantum limit (October 2022) GSC03-122 [A. Kazakov]
  2. Quantum Hall effect through 2D-3D transition in the topological crystalline insulator (carried out in May 2023)  GSC02-222 [A. Kazakov]
  3. Nematic phase in the topological crystalline insulator PbSnSe quantum well (carried out in March 2023) GSC03-222 [A. Kazakov]


Facility: SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre at the Jagiellonian University, Kraków

  1. Spin texture in topological crystalline insulators with Dirac-Rashba energy spectrum (15 shifts, January 2022) [ V. V. Volobuiev]
  2. Spin resolved ARPES through topological transition in PbSnSe (111) epilayers (15 shifts, December 2021) [V. V. Volobuiev]
  3. ARPES study of Fermi surface modification due to Pb-NbP interface (15 shifts, April 2021) [A. Wiśniewski]


Facility: SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre at the Jagiellonian University

  • 8 grants UARPES beamline [V. V. Volobuev, A. Wiśniewski, T. Story]
  • 1 grant PHELIX beamline [V. V. Volobuev]

Facility: Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin BESSY II synchrotron

  • 2 grants One-Cube ; One-Square ARPES [V. V. Volobuev].
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