Dr. Mircea Trif- Harnessing the environment for topological quantum computing as part of the,OPUS 21

Dr. hab Wojciech Brzezicki – Limitations for Protected Transport and Exotic Topological States in Topological Semiconductors as part of Sonata Bis 9 competition.

Dr. Vinayak Bhat – Study of the effect of the nanostructured periodic and quasicrystal nanomagnet lattices on magnon-photon coupling as part of the SONATA BIS 10 competition .

Dr. Alexander Lau – Magnetism, Berry-curvature engineering and topology in chalcogenide superlattices and heterostructures as part of the competition „Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships”  funded by the European Commission.

Dr. Mircea Trif – Theory of quantum twists and its supercurrents as a part of the competition „Generation Partnerships – Thematische Netzwerke“, sponsored by the University of Hamburg.

MSc. Rajibul Islam – Topological phases in II‐VI semiconductor compounds: heterostructures and magnetically doped systems as part of the PRELUDIUM 19 competition.

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