All information and the final program of the Focused Expert Meeting can be found in the meeting booklet (updated January 16, 2023).

The schedule of the meeting is as follows:

Meeting schedule

Our meeting features the following highlights:

Invited talks

We have the following invited talks:

  • Ana Akrap: "Landau-level spectroscopy of topological semimetals"
  • Kamran Behnia: "Anomalous Nernst and thermal Hall effects in topological magnets"
  • Annica Black-Schaffer: "Majorana fermions in nanowire systems"
  • Sergey Borisenko: "Towards the topological superconductivity using ARPES"
  • Wojciech Brzezicki: "Topological effects in layered semiconductors and nanowires"
  • Hartmut Buhmann: "HgTe - Transport in Topological Material"
  • Mario Cuoco: "Superconducting orbitronics effects"
  • Giuseppe Cuono: "Accurate description of topological properties by density functional theory"
  • Piotr Deuar: "Overlaps of the ultracold atom field with condensed matter and topological physics"
  • Tomasz Dietl: "Spin phenomena in magnetic and non-magnetic topological insulators"
  • Tadeusz Domański: "Topological superconductivity and boundary modes of magnetic nanostructures"
  • Arthur Ernst: "Impurities, defects and other imperfections in topological insulators: first-principles perspectives"
  • Sergey Frolov: "No, you haven't discovered a Majorana Fermion"
  • Olena Gomonay: "Magnetic excitations in antiferromagnets: electrical and optical excitation and long-distance transport of spin"
  • Izabella Grzegory: "High pressure as a tool in topological matter related physics and technology"
  • Dariusz Kaczorowski: "On the hunt for topological superconductors"
  • Aleksandr Kazakov: "Topological materials based on IV-VI semiconductors and Tin"
  • Alexander Lau: "Designing three-dimensional flat bands in nodal-line semimetals"
  • Marcin Matusiak: "Heat transport in Weyl semimetals"
  • Laurens Molenkamp: "Making sense of the quantum anomalous Hall effect"
  • Milan Orlita: "Magneto-optics of topological materials"
  • Carmine Ortix: "Designing spin and orbital sources of Berry curvature at oxide interfaces"
  • Mircea Trif: "Quantum computing with magnetic impurities in superconductors"
  • Jakub Zázvorka: "Skyrmion Diffusion in Continuous Films"

Poster session

We have a poster session on January 18 from 6:10pm to 7:30pm. The list of posters can be found in the meeting booklet (updated January 16, 2023).

Social Dinner

We have a social dinner on January 17 from 8pm to 10:30pm. It will take place at Restauracja Papu, which serves traditional Polish cuisine. Transport to the restaurant will be provided from the meeting venue and also back to the hotel.