Schematic drawing visualizing energy scales of Hubbard model, two-site Hubbard model, and two-level harmonic trap with two fermions. Green color represents weights corresponding to the realized state of a given system: (upper panels) equilibrium ground state and (bottom panels) excited state due to resonant driving.

New paper has been published in Physical Review B as a „Rapid Communication”

Marcin Płodzień, Marcin M. Wysokiński, Rabi-resonant behavior of periodically driven correlated fermion systems, Phys. Rev. B 100, 041116(R) (2019)

In their work authors have understood common nature of the resonant energy absorption in  periodically driven  Mott insulators and interacting few fermions in a harmonic trap.
Spectacularly, given the complexity of considered systems, both of them are shown to display physics of the simple two level atom coupled to the classical field with both transverse and longitudinal components.

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